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My hair’s fine.

And there’s a dead spot on the lawn ‘cause the damn dog keeps peeing there.  I’m allowed to complain about that.

I’m sure. 

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Jo harvelle, because I love her so damn much

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cas-is-my-cherry-pie replied to your post: Im kinda stuck in the middle of some deep shit…

Dont worry about it. Ill be able to head down and give you a hand soon enough.

No, I’ve been fine this whole damn time. You, for one, are going to sit your ass in bed and get better. I’ll be up there in a day or so.

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I’m kinda stuck in the middle of some deep shit right now. As soon as the coast clears I’ll head on back to Sioux Falls. 

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I trust her.  But I don’t trust whatever jamoke thinks he’s gonna take her out.

I get where you’re comin’ from but you’ll end up with unforeseen consequences. Taking this from experience. 

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If you ruin her prom ‘cause you can’t handle being out of control for one night I will personally kick your ass.

I know what goes on at prom.

Yeah but she has two great dads who most likely are going to teach her how to handle herself so will be fine. Not to mention the majority of her family would be able to kick the guy’s ass to kingdom come.

If you want her to have a normal life you gotta loosen the leash and trust her. 

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That’ll go over well.

“Son, I kill demons for a living.  You hurt my little girl, I’ll be hunting you.”

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